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Electronic Event Guest Registration Service

Smart Event management

Electronic Guest Registration

What are the benefits?

  • Be in line with your company’s sustainability efforts – Go Green with no paper invitations required
  • Allows a large guest size to be checked-in for events, with real-time attendance tracking 
  • Guests will automatically be enrolled into the lucky draw for the event
  • Full attendance report and Lucky Draw results will be shared post-event

What are The Services We provide?

Smart Event Management

1. Pre-Event: E-RSVP Website

When it comes to gathering responses on RSVP, it can be a time-consuming effort. Let us help you with a custom website, complete with a domain name to make this RSVP process easy.

2. Pre-Event: Electronic Invite

Sending guests the Event Invite electronically through email saves time and the earth.

2 options for this:

a) Without QR code (each guest will receive a unique invite with their name). On Event Day, we will check them in using 1 unique identifier eg. Name, Phone Number, Employee Number etc

b) With QR code (each guest will receive a unique invite with their name & a unique QR code) – this option must be bundled with our QR Code Registration Counter service on the Event Day. 

3. On Event Day Itself

On the Event Day itself, to facilitate the electronic check-in process, we will provide laptops and tablets. 

We will have a team of experienced Event Crew, to oversee and manage the registration process, ensuring a smooth flow. 

How does this Work?

Some Examples of Invite Design
(with QR Code & Guest Name)

QR Code Guest Registration
QR Code Guest Registration - Invite Card
QR Code Guest Registration - Invite Card
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