Popular Dinner and Dance Theme: RETRO

Retro Dinner and Dance Theme Singapore

Youtube Retro D&D Theme This theme of Retro, Nostalgia is always a favourite, we love this theme for its colours, vibrancy, songs and the dressing up is infinite!  The Retro theme can be a Singapore-local kampung theme as well, which makes it even more flexible.  Consider these variations of Retro Theme: Blast To The Past, […]

Popular Dinner and Dance Theme: Around The World

Around The World D&D Theme Singapore

Youtube Around The World D&D Theme The exciting theme of “Around The World” allows for many varied costume ideas, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone has been travel-starved. Many of our clients are choosing this theme for their Dinner & Dance this year, will be a fun dress up time!  Suggested Pre-Event Activities For […]